Thermography: A Safe Alternative To Mammography and Breast Cancer Prevention


Did you ever ask your doctor or gynecologist if they heard about breast thermography? This is a simple, non-invasive way to access detecting breast cancer risk, but most conventional doctors have no clue about the benefits of this procedure.

Unfortunately, medical institutions only promote mammography, which of exposure to radiation increases the risk of breast cancer in all examinations. Only one review mammograms expose you to radiation equivalent to 1,000 chest X-ray views.

How to prevent breast cancer years before conventional testing procedures understanding the value of breast thermography and natural health solutions

Dr. Med. Moshe Dekel, a specialist in breast thermography explains the difference between the conventional method and thermography :

“Mammography, MRI and ultrasound, anatomical studies, are looking at anatomical changes in breast tissue. While the tumor grows to a sufficient size that can be detected by mammography or physical examination may take up to ten years. By this time, the tumor is made up of 25 divisions of malignant cell colonies, and perhaps has already metastasized. ”

He then adds the thermography :

“Thermography is a physiological study. An infrared camera detects heat (infrared radiation), which is emitted from a cancer, without physical contact with it (without compression) and without sending a signal (no radiation). Thermography shows a small, single-sided increase in temperature, which are caused by increased blood flow to the cancer cells. Cancer cells have the ability to create new blood vessels in the affected area (neoangiogenesis) in order to meet the increased demand for nutrients due to higher rates of growth and metabolic demands of the new colony. ”

Thermography is accurate and reliable. In the 1970s and 1980s, many studies have been conducted on thermography. In 1981, Michel Gautherie, Ph.D., and his colleagues reported the 10-year study, which found that abnormal thermogram is 10 times more significant as a future risk indicator for breast cancer than breast cancer history in your family.

Thermographic breasts cancer viewing and fibrocystic changes in the breasts.

Thermography is a particularly good choice for younger breasts, which tend to be denser. She does not give confusing images of fibrocystic tissue implants or scars that mammography can give the wrong views and ask for additional time. It is also good at detecting changes in the cells in the underarm area, an area in which mammography is often not good.

It is safe even for pregnant women and nursing mothers! It’s just a picture of the warmth of your body.

Unlike mammography, thermogram does not hurt. Pressure machine on breast mammography is equivalent to a pressure of almost 23 pounds!

Therefore there is no reason not to breast thermography, unlike a lot of reasons to say no mammography.

Scientific evidence on the effectiveness of mammograms do not prevent breast cancer

As we already wrote, mammography has a high rate of false positive results, leading to a repetition of the process that you are additionally exposed to even more radiation and unnecessary procedures, including biopsy, surgery and chemotherapy. Toxic effects of mammography radiography were finally recognized as important factors in the development of breast cancer. Studies clearly show that the diagnosis can thus women cause more harm than good, and shorten your life expectancy.

In addition to an overview of the uncomfortable and painful because the breast is pressing 23 pounds, mammography is harmful because of extremely high radiation and inaccurate and confusing data.

One of the study and long-term, large Canadian study from 2000 which showed that annual mammography examinations are no more effective in preventing deaths from periodic physical examinations for women in the 50s. Half of nearly 40,000 women, aged 50 to 59, received periodic breast examinations, and the other half were given checkups and mammograms. All the subjects are also taught how to self examine their breasts.

Since 1993, 13 years after the study began, there were 610 cases of invasive breast cancer and 105 deaths among women who received only breast examination, compared with 622 invasive breast cancer and 107 deaths among those who have received breast examinations and mammography.

In 1995, British medical journal The Lancet, reported that by introducing a mammography in 1970, the incidence of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which represents 12% of all cases of breast cancer, increased to 328% and to 200% of this increase was due to mammography.

Meta-analysis of eight international controlled trials involving nearly 500,000 women showed that only two, based on 66,000 postmenopausal women were randomized appropriate to allow statistically valid conclusions. Based on these two studies, the authors concluded that “there is no reliable evidence that mammography reduces mortality from breast cancer, do not even have a tendency towards performance.”

The enumeration studies that prove the ineffectiveness and harmfulness of mammography could go on and on, no more of that identification will not hear from your doctor, as well as to the safety of thermography, for example through smart bra that based on thermography reveal the development of tumors in the earliest stages, which are equipped with state of the art sensors and  in just twelve hours can detect the slightest changes in the temperature difference of the breast.

Especially you don’t want to hear about all the dangers of diagnostic radiology; it is certain that you will not hear that breast cancer can disappear without medication. Specifically, it was discovered that in some cases of breast cancer body healed itself. The researchers concluded that certain breast malignancies probably spontaneously if they are not detected by mammography and treated. How have discovered that cancer cells can return to normal? Mechanical grip carried over cancer cells seem to cancer cells look like normal again, and normal cells. So, if you are preparing the annual breast examination by mammography, feel free to cancel and look for alternative methods that have been scientifically proven as safe and effective.


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