MONSTROUS – Millions Of People Are Unnecessarily Treated For Cancer That Did Not Have

Millions of people are unnecessarily treated for cancer that did not have


The US National Institute of cancerous diseases has announced that a 40-year “war against cancer” misunderstood fight against the enemy, who in many cases did not pose any threat to the health of patients.

After these statements, the richest medical institutes in the world, we wonder how many poisoned, mutilated and scorched people in the world incorrectly “treated for cancer” that they did not have and who will pay for it?

When we wrote about how dangerous mammography is, supporters and mercenary science propaganda were called out us reactionaries which instead to go for the gynecologist we to go to a shaman. When we found information that mammography takes an epidemic of misdiagnosis of breast cancer, we get even more fierce criticism. Well it’s time to finally open our eyes and see how many are with us and our thinking manipulated due to the net profit.

NCI or the National Cancer Institute is one of the richest medical institutions in the world, which has so far spent tens of billions of dollars on research of cancer diseases. Notes on testing, research, clinical trials, and cancer treatments, promoting the new chemotherapy, cytostatics treatments and diagnostic scans are only part of the “work” the institute has done in the last 40 years. NCI has become the most powerful advocate of pharmacological treatments (poison) and the biggest critic of no patent alternative natural remedies in the fight against cancer. Thanks to the global impact of NCI’s all modern countries have taken their policies and the way the alleged “fight” against cancer.

The patient after surgery or total mastectomy breast amputation, the number of women who were wrongly diagnosed with cancer and have undergone an unnecessary mastectomy, only in the US climbed to several million. The results of such a policy are more than obvious, despite the constant heavy and expensive scientific research, NCI has not found even a single successful cancer treatment, while people around the globe who are undergoing their treatments are still dying of cancer.

The case seemed to be an exception

At the end of 2012, we reported the case of a doctor Ian Paterson who has made more than a thousand mastectomy – removal of the breast in women and several hundred lumpectomy – partial removal of tissue on the chest of men and women, all of these ventures would be ordinary medical statistics that Paterson has not played the “butcher” the people who did not have cancer and who should not have to undergo surgery whose physical and mental scars to bear all their life, on the other side of his patients who had cancer were treated with interventions that were inappropriate and illegal.

Among Patterson victims of over 450 women who had undergone mastectomy and lumpectomy hell even though they were completely healthy. Paterson is on women even carrying out a biopsy, arguing that the inflammation and cysts tumors should be removed immediately; the women were subjected removing parts of the breast or breast although the cyst and inflammation could be treated by conventional antibiotics.

This “doctor” made a partial mastectomy ( CSM ) on 700 women who had tumors in the breast but this technique is prohibited in 2007, to clarify  with CSM  leave large amounts of tissue mammary glands and surrounding tissue on, which is largely a return of cancer and subsequent postoperative complications. The Guardian revealed that Paterson made last CSM in 2010, but it seems that Paterson is not at all concerned about apparent violation of the law.

Paterson has also received complaints from more than 100 men who survived lumpectomy although it was not needed.

At first it seemed that the case work complete madman who is only thinking of profits, but after reports NCI’s become clear that there is a pandemic Patterson doctor with symptoms.

The truth comes to light

After growing and vocal critic of the “treatment” of cancer, failure and toxic drugs, after numerous suspensions gynecologists, oncologists and surgeons in leaked scientific confirmation that some kind of “breast cancer” – which why are many women undergo terrible mastectomy – complete surgical amputation of one or both of the breast – common to be benign lesions that is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).

Also the public increasingly began to disclose scientific and clinical studies that reveal how they actually scans to detect cancer is extremely carcinogenic and that they represent an additional reason for the occurrence of these and similar diseases.

What is DCIS?

Official oncology considered as ductal carcinoma in situ (ductal carcinoma in situ) or DCIS occurring in 20% of all breast cancers, and in 80% of all none infiltrate  in situ cancers. DCIS involves abnormalities in the growth of cells that form in the epithelium of the small and medium milk ducts. Such anomalies are shaped in different forms; comedo, solid or cribri form, papillary and Micro papillary. Oncology so far identified with cancers that have a 30-50% chance of becoming invasive. Our medicine has until now for DCIS recommending only the two extreme treatments; one is mastectomy (complete removal of the breast) with lymphodecomia  or sparing surgery, wide excision with mandatory ventilation.

The radiation is only one of a very dangerous procedure with which it had to confront people with the wrong diagnosis of breast cancer or prostate cancer.

Doctors have generally mercilessly and audit opinions, poisoned and mutated women directly in pre menopause and menopause age, claiming, of course, quite wrong, as in 43% of women aged 40-49 years experiencing some form of DCIS who are to be destroyed because it is a cancer, while in women aged 30-39 years, with a particular Bîrcă genetics DCIS occurs in up to 92%. Abnormal perception and desire to profit from all the creative potential of women patients, of course, in addition to creating propaganda and fear, and the desire for more and abrasive examinations and scans.

Evil industry intimidation, radiation and lying

Popular scanning for early detection of cancers only in the United States has created a pandemic incorrect diagnosis of the existence of cancer per million and three hundred thousand women in the last 30 years. All these poor women were being treated for cancer, although it did not have.

Do not think it is a problem that should be exclusively interfere States. In the Swedish study, which involved 60 thousand women, 70% of participants diagnosed with cancer is mammography, but after further investigation and painful biopsies, revealed that these women did not have cancer. So this is about the fate of 42 thousands of women, from a single country that has more than four and a half million women.

HGPIN is kind of pre cancer condition in which prostate cells have certain anomalies but they do not spread and do not create metastases.

The report NCI-I, which appeared on the website of JAMA, it becomes clear that a lie can no longer be tolerated and that this institute had no choice other than to admit mistakes, that have worked here for decades the most important conclusions of the report:

“Million women in the United States were diagnosed with DCIS (ductal breast carcinoma in situ), in the same time is the millions of men diagnosed US HGPIN (High grade prostatic
intraepithelial neoplasia, or high-risk cervical intraepithelial neoplasia) that is a type of cancer of the prostate.

All these people have been treated for cancer, although in fact they had cancerous diseases. They should now be officially classified as “victims” pathogenesis (unnecessary medication and unnecessary surgery). “

We think that all the women and men should seek a full refund for unnecessary expensive treatments possible mutilations and amputations, and they should seek compensation for mental and physical pain and obvious threat to their health.

All those involved in the diagnosis of cancers should be completely revised the way to work, the public should be informed about the alleged preventive treatments, such as those most aggressive – Preventive mastectomy breast cancer in women, particularly if you take into account how little and often misunderstood “know” about the origin of cancer and epigenetic triggers the formation of the same.

Green Med Info argues that the US is currently over 50% of women go for regular mammograms a year, in such a way creates a horde of patients, which in fact are not.

Partial mastectomy of the left breast and are fully mastectomy on her right breast. Scorching procedure that had to withstand many of the women actually had cancer.

At the end it should be with a special attention to ask what is the role of all the possible promoter program that allegedly raising public awareness of the occurrence of cancer, and also indicate to the frequent and unnecessary mammography and inspections, with great effort of the manual pharmacological preparations which have proved to be the ultimate poisons and almost certain map “for the happy hunting grounds”?

Meds cape is inter alia clear to what extent the major issues in today’s oncology:

“Oncology in the United States should make a number of reforms and restructuring, particularly should stop growing continuously incorrectly diagnosed cancers, a group of doctors and scientists who have for years been silenced by the NCI’s for indication of missed-diagnosis and excessive use of drugs to patients , this same group of doctors now gets the recognition by the same institutions that were sanctioned before. ”

These doctors and scientists suggest the biggest mistakes in the diagnosis of breast cancer and prostate cancer and are considered to be a premalignant condition no longer be considered even cancer may be so treated.

Meds cape has long advocated for the truth, in one of their texts says:

“Instead of errors that we have suffered for years, a premalignant condition should be classified more regular names such as; IDLE (indolent lesions of epithelial).”

29.07.2013., NCI has finally accepted such views and publish them in a cave.

Green Med Info also notes that traditional medical methods of “detection and treatment of cancer” actually trigger malignant phenomenon through scanning, while the conventional pharmacological treatments and radiological radiation from benign cells, cysts or pre cancerous is state of affairs is extremely dangerous malignant cancer cells. University of California in Los Angeles proven this through scientific research, and copies of their scientific studies we translate. Not only that radiation causes create 30 times more malignant cells, but also kill healthy cells and completely destroys the immune system of human beings.

Regardless of the massive propaganda fanfare about mammography and its alleged precision and accuracy, the more indicators of how it comes to fool the people and their interpretation by the majority rate of misdiagnosis. Mammography otherwise radiating more 1000 times stronger than regular X-rays.

Furthermore scientific studies have found that we all have cancer cells in the body, but they are few and with classic methods of detection can be detected, usually mini tumors and pre tumors state itself disappeared and our own cures. Moreover it was found that the cancerous condition archaic program survival is located in our body, the problem arises because today our environment satiate radiation and other types of radiation from various sources, and our bodies are not used to this radiation neither we evolutionary managed against such practice this toxicity in the environment.

Completely wrong perceptions

Whenever we think of cancer, in us appears clear dose of fear and concern, not only because the medicine does not have adequate medicines, but also because we have been taught how cancerous diseases have always given route spread of disease, while the other side is medically can predict the rate of metastasis and a possible lifetime of the patient, so we are conditioned to medicine helpless regarding cancers and that the outcomes of patients according to the most common lethal.

But in an article published by NCI is states the following:

“The word” cancer “often evokes a feeling in us that it was inevitable death dangerous process, however cancerous diseases are heterogeneous and can follow different and completely diametrically opposite processes. Not educating all types of cancer metastasis and death, more often turn into indolent conditions that do not create any problems during the whole life of a human being. ”

Every year in the US are diagnosed with DCIS at 60 thousand women, the diagnosis is so traumatic that even after they learn it was a false diagnosis, they suffer from strong depression for a period of three years. On the other hand, millions of women in the US have never learned that their cancer is misdiagnosed, such unfortunate have undergone torture, such as lumpectomy, radiation, chemotherapy  or mastectomy, and that no one ever said that they are duped and that used to be healthy and whole cells but not any more just  because of this medicine.

We fear that the situation is similar around the world, we are afraid that in our country, many women had the same unfortunate fate. We have no choice but to educate in order to possibly avoid such environmental tragedy.

Share this article might save at least  the bottom of the human being from a false diagnosis and mutilation.



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