Good Quality SUN can Protect you from Stress, Increase Immune System and can Stimulating Creativity.

Good quality sun can protect you from stress, increase immune system and can stimulating creativity.

We all know that if you got a good sleep you would be more productive during the day. Regular and continuously sleep has unbelievable positive effect on our health. On other side a lack of sleep can bring you more chances for a lot of diseases.

Which aspects of a life good sleep can affect.

Stress. if our body cannot get quality and regular sleep will face increasing  blood pressure and increasing stress hormones healing like cortisol. High blood pressure can increase also opportunities of other diseases. Cortisol has unfavorable effect on our body (connected with depression, osteoporosis, and metabolism disorders).Also quality sleep allowing us to handle stress very easily during the day.

Weight loss. It is confirm that people that are sleeping less the 7 hours have high risk obesity. Beside this less sleep can have negative effect on balancing hormones that are regulating appetite.

Productivity and attention. Good sleep is improving attention and giving energy and positive effects on our productivity during the day. Quality sleep can make us more secure and cautious. Every day just because not paying much attention many people are dying.

Memory Coordinating and managing memory is happening in the night while we are sleeping, body is processing all information from the previous day and is coordinating sensory experience and senses’ luck of sleep can bring loosing memory.

Depression. Lack of sleep is connecting with low level of serotonin in the brain. It is know that people that have low serotonin have high risk to be depressive. Overnight sleep has big role in brain work and directly is affecting our mood.

Immunity.  A lack of sleep can also affect negatively our immune system and when our immune system is weak our body is difficult to fight against viruses and bacteria’s.

Beauty. Expression “ sleeping beauty” has meaning when our body getting good sleep, cause while we are sleeping our cells in our body are regenerating and recovering. This process is including regenerating skin cells and muscles tissues. lack of sleep is accelerating aging and skin is losing strength, elasticity, wrinkling and black circles.

Heart health. Lack of sleep is connecting with high blood pressure and cholesterol that are main risk factors for heart diseases brain stroke and some other diseases.

Preventing diabetes. Some people are showing insulin resistance after they didn’t sleep well for so many days.

Intellectual power. Regular sleep can help brain to process information fast and well and help us to process new concepts. Good night sleep can increase intellectual power during the day. Our concentration gets higher and studding is easier.

Coordination. If you doing some sports and other activity that are in good coordination, good sleep can help you to be in best fit. Good sleep also positively affecting endurance and build in up good muscles tissue.

Creativity. Many artists and scientist came to genius ideas in their sleep or after waking up from deep sleep.  Is not only that – many experiments are shown that sleep is the key for creative problems dealing.

Longevity. Science is shown that people that have regular and quality sleep are leaving longer.

How many hours are recommended for sleeping?

It is individually as all people are different some people are feeling well slept after 6 hours some other people need more than 8 hours to feel well rested.


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